Thursday, October 1, 2009

If Imam Mahdi will come in 2015, Will Black Flag Islamic troops come in 2009?

January 1, 2009 by asetow
One day, Author read the news from Media Umat tabloid about the Obama’s plan in 2009 to withdraw the troops from Iraq. I thought it was a good news for Moslem. But in fact, he withdraw his troops to put it in Pakistan and Afganistan. It seems that it will be more bloody war than previously.I remembered couple months a go, I bought a book entitled: October 2015 Imam Mahdi will come (written by: Jaber Bolushi) and Huru Hara Akhir Zaman (written by: Amin Muhammad Jamaluddin). They came from different author.The book titled October 2015, Imam Mahdi akan datang (October 2015, Imam Mahdi will came) that written by Jaber Bolushi has original titled Dzuhur al-Mahdi ‘am 2015 Nubu’ah Qur’aniyah. Jaber Bloushi wrote about the miracle of Qur’an by using Al-Jumal al-Taqlidi and al-Jamal al-Saghir. He used those formula and briefly explain the date of Imam Mahdi’s arrival in 2015.Another book titled Huru Hara Akhir Zaman that written by: Amin Muhammad Jamaluddin, the student graduated from Kairo university. In this book, I just concerned about the Hadith. The Hadith stated in page 36:“There will be a black flaq belong to Bani Abbas, then appear from Khurasan (Afganistan) another Black Flag, their headdress are black and their dress are white..” till he said: “the distance between their arrival untill the transfer of the matter are 72 months”Can you calculate how long is 72 months? It is absolutely 6 years. How about if Imam Mahdi came in 2015? What it means? It means that 6 years before the Imam Mahdi’s arrival (2015) is transfer of problem from the Islamic troops with black flag to Imam Mahdi. It means: 2015 – 6 years: 2009. It is now! Happy New Year Guys!Have you read recently about the news about obama plan to make a war in Pakistan and Afganistan? Obama put Pakistan as the first target than Afganistan. Accidentally, Jaber Bolushi explained that the arrival of Imam Mahdi in October 2015. Then, I think if he is true, I guess the Islamic troop with black flag that appear from Afganistan will came about September 2009 or October 2009 or November 2009.


  1. don't worry about any country troops. all Muslim get together. Islam is peace full religion , if some one wanna war then we can give him war. imam Mahdi is here but October 2015 he will be 40 years old that time is hajj . love GOD don't love this world. when we die there is is life and there is no death.

  2. I think you are correct! Just realized another sign of Him (Imam Mahdi). 11 thousands children killed in Syria since 2011 many of them killed by sniper!! Now remember this Hadith where Nabi (sm) mentioned that 1400 hundred years ago. here this Hadith:

    Abu Hurairah Radiallahu Anhu has narrated that the Prophet said:

    "A man will emerge from the depths of Damascus. He will be called Sufyani. Most of those who follow him will be from the tribe of Kalb. He will kill by ripping the stomachs of women and even kill the children. A man from my family will appear in the Haram, the news of his advent will reach the Sufyani and he will send to him one of his armies. He (referring to Imam Mahdi) will defeat them. They will then travel with whoever remains until they come to a desert and they will be swallowed. None will be saved except the one who had informed the others about them."

    So we might got that Person who should appear just before Imam Mahdi from Syria!!!

  3. Mahdi have arrived, he is preventing world war 3

  4. Mahdi is here, he is solving world issues like preventing world war 3. World war 3 will be fought in Iraq for oil between America & Russia.

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