Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bombing Iran soon?

I have the impression that something is building up against Iran. Some events happened lately make me conclude that. First the visit of Peres end of August to Sotchi where he met with Medvedev, september 7th Netanyahou make a secret visit to Moscow. Why all that? Simply to negociate with Russia the attack against Iran. Another deal that is may be related to Iran bombing is the end of the missile shield in Europe by the US.

The countdown for Iran attack by Israel has began and it probably will take place on October 2nd or October 9th because this 2 dates are highly symbolic in the cabal tradition(Zohar,Tsav 32).

The real question now, what kind of bombing will Israel use? Thermo-nukes ou traditional?

The human, ecological and geopolitical consequences of such an attack will be owful as predicted along time ago by a study from the Armed Forces Journal (June 2006).

There is another analysis that nobody seem to see : Religion! The hebrews seems to be the only people that has a past, present and a futur (vav) clearly discribed in religious scriptures. Since sep 19th 2009, we are in year 5770, the year which all the kabalist consider as the year of Gog and Magog (Ashkenasi Jews, khasars).

To see the religious agenda of the Isreali leaders listen to Sharon about the Oslo Agreements:"Oslo Agreements are very important for the palestinians since it's the only official agreement that they have. We have an older document : it's called "the Bible".

And remember "In politics nothing happend by chance, everything is planned since a long time". Franklin D. Roosevelt

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