Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poetic mission or Freemason ritual?

The Guy LaLiberte space mission seems to be really strange, first the dates: Soyuz takeoff on the Sep 29th 2009 a symbolic cabal date (Zohar, Tsav 32), the global OneDrop event that will take place 11 days after the takeoff on another cabal date October 9th (Zohar, Tsav 32). The global event will take place at 14 cities situated on a highly energic lay lines (Montréal, Johannesburg, Paris, NewYork, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Londres, Marakech, Mumbai, Osaka,Santa Monika, Tampa, Moscow). The participants to the event are well known ocult elite politicians and pop stars ( Al Gore, Shakira, Patrick Bruel, Tatuya Ishii etc.)

Guy Laliberté founder of the Cirque du Soleil is a well known freemason in Québec (Loge émancipaion, Québec), the fulgurant success of his Cirque du soleil is mainly due to his connexion with freemasons at "La Caisse de depot" (Quebec investment fund). The freemasson symbols are present everywhere in the "Cirque du Soleil", his space mission and his One Drop foundation (sun, water, morin code etc.)

All this space mission with it's highly symbolic rituals seems to annociate big events that will take place at the beginning of October 2009, wait and see...

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